Hen Night Shot Glasses

Spring is here and it’s the season of love, engagement, marriage and Hen Nights!

One of our best sellers at the moment are our Hen Night Shot Glasses which have discounts with reduced postage for orders of 10 or more.

I love the fun of Hen Nights, and an old school friend who had one recently inspired me to create this video.
Hope you like it!

Spring and Summer Beauty Trends

The latest fragrance trends in beauty this spring and summer are clean, green, zesty scents and fresh white florals, which gives me a chance to show some gorgeous soaps.
Although we concentrate on what soap can do to improve the lavender-and-white-musk-handmade-soapskin, the lovely aromas are a very important part of their make up.

The fragrances in our soaps give clues to the rich essential oils and moisturisers we have carefully chosen that create a soap that both pleasing to use and beneficial to your skin.

Our Lavender and Lime new season Handmade soap is a great soap that smells amazing with green freshness and calming florals, and has a beautiful balancing effect on the skin. Another soap that would be perfectly on trend is our White Musk which combines oriental white floral fragrances with a hint of spice.

It’s great to follow the fashion trends in beauty, but look out for soap ingredients that are always primarily chosen for their skin caring properties promoting skin radiance and hydration, as with Pure-Light.

Customers can try any of our Handmade soaps and still receive the same skin boost to their routine, because we choose ingredients that create the trends rather than follow them.

Personalised Mobile Phone Holder

One of the fun parts of my job is getting to see the nifty gadgets that can be engraved for gifts for birthdays, weddings, well any important occasion.

The latest cute accessory we have is a holder for your mobile phone. I think it’s a great idea as my mobile is always getting lost under paperwork so having a proper holder that has my phonepersonalised-mobile-phone-holder ready for me to answer is wonderful.

Of course as with all our gifts it’s available with free engraving so you can give a really personalised gift, mine is engraved from my better half and just says “With Love”.
You’d be amazed how seeing that message every time the phone rings can really help me through the day.

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers DayI’d like to say Happy Mothers Day to my Mum and everyone elses Mum.
Much as we love them they don’t always get the treats they deserve for loving and looking after the family.
I suppose that’s why this year so many of our mothers day gifts have been about treating your mum either to a breakfast in bed, a lie in with a comfy pillow, or some other kind of personalised gift.

So if you want to treat your mother, breakfast in bed will be a gift she’ll treasure, or if you’re visiting this mothers day, remember to take a card and write inside just how much she means to you and how much you love her. It will be one of the best gifts she will receive today along with any presents that show just how much you care.

If you don’t live nearby, then remember to call and say hello on this day which has traditionally been dedicated to honouring our mothers since early Tudor times. It’s a great day, the one day each year that’s especially to give mums the affection and pampering they deserve.

Sensitive Skin Cleansers

Sensitive Handmade Soap Cleanser

Sensitive Handmade Soap Cleanser

Winter seems to be lasting forever and it can affect your skin by making it sensitive and react to your usual skin care. You have to be especially careful if you tend to have rosy cheeks like me and change to a more sensitive cleanser!

Pure-Light.co.uk have a range of Handmade soap gifts and soap slices which are SLS free and are suitable for nuturing delicate skin.

I usually swap my current favourite soap for Ylang Ylang Soap or Rose SLS free soaps which seem to suit my skin and are even gentler than our Handmade soap slices.

SLS free soap uses different foaming agents to produce a milder, gentler soap which is great to use until your skin has recovered enough to transfer back to our soap slices with their rich moisturisers and essential oils.

I think of SLS free soaps as intensive care for the skin, they’re the sensitive skin cleansers for gentle recovery.

Free Personalised Valentine Gifts


We sell the most fantastic Personalised Valentintes Gifts at Pure-Light.co.uk, but you can make and create special gifts for the one you love for free, or almost nothing.

If you eat toast, cut out the letters to “I Love You” from card and wrap them in foil. On Valentine Morning use the grill (Don’t try this with a toaster!), toast one side then turn the bread over. Arrange the foil words for I Love on one slice and You on the other and lightly toast. This personalised toast will be a grilling, thrilling start to anyone’s day.

Take your favourite photo of your partner and stick it inside a card, then write exactly why you like the photo so much and why you love them. You could also take a photo of both of you and make it the wall paper on your partner’s computer.

Another little gift is to try slipping a loving note with a voucher for some kisses or massages into his wallet or her bag for a surprise gift they’ll be sure to use.

The personal touch means everything and shows how much you care, so whether your gift is free or one of our special Personalised Valentines Gifts, make yours a Personalised Valentine this year.

Handmade Christmas Soaps

Do you give soap gifts for Christmas? It probably won’t be a surprise if I tell you that a lot of my friends and family receive soap or candle gifts along with the other Christmas goodies.

christmas-tree-soap-blog-dI like them to be as seasonal and festive as possible, so along with our limited candle fragrances we produce a range of Christmas soaps limited to the festive season.

I try to add a little something for everybody, one soap has crisp, clean fragrances, another is exotic and others are specially blended with the rich scents and spices of Christmas.

What makes them extra special apart from the beautiful essential oils, is the seasonal images we embed in the middle, this year take your pick from Angel Soap, to stars and Christmas trees.

They are great for skin care too, and I usually have 2 or 3 different soaps dotted around my home as I just love every one.

Festive soap is one of the little things I do that delight my family and let them know that it’s almost Christmas!

Scented Candle Fragrance

Christmas candle fragrances are here. Christmas is as much about fragrance as it is twinkling lights or gifts, and it’s with fragrance, the aroma of a mince pie or Christmas tree, that we know the festive season has begun.

Our Christmas fragrances, Christmas Cabin, Christmas Rumball and Christmas Splendour are now available for a limited period for our Soy scented candles.

The first fragrance Christmas Cabin always reminds me of the Christmas kitchen, it’s a rich smell with a mixture of Cranberries, Cinnamon bark, Bayberries and Orange zest that’s great to use at pre Christmas gatherings to add a touch of Christmas spice.
Christmas Rumball is an aromatic blend of Friut, Cognac, Vanilla and sweet spices, very fragrant and highly scented, and a wonderful candle I would use everyday to get into the Christmas spirit.

Finally Christmas Splendour, and perhaps my favourite of the 3. A very intense fragrance when you smell the candle, but once lit it releases a warm blend of sweet Christmas spices and has rich notes of Cinnamon, one of the lovliest fragrances. This is the fragrance I’d choose to spend Christmas with.

Personalised Christmas Baubles

It’s undeniable, Christmas is really coming and getting here fast. I apologise for neglecting my blog, but somehow the days have been speeding by. I did have time to make another little youtube video.

This video gives an idea of the wonderful personalised Christmas Baubles we are currently selling. It also gives me a chance to recommend a website for making free animations from photos or videos. Animoto.com is slightly limited unless you want to pay, but for free I think it’s a really good way to do something interesting with photos.

Here’s what it did for our personalised Christmas Baubles.

Trick or Treat Skin Care

The colder weather can reveal sensitivity, irritation and rougher skin texture activated by the changing seasons, but do you tackle these problems with a trick or a treat?
Skin sensitivity should always be treated with gentle ingredients, a cleanser with Rose essential oil such as our English Rose Handmade Soap will calm and support the skin structure before using a rich natural moisturiser.St Clements Handmade Soap

Skin that has changed texture may be tricked with extra exfoliation. This will help to smooth skin and slough dry skin, encouraging faster growth of fresh young skin cells. Our St Clements Orange and Lemon Soap has a light mix of Poppy seeds for exfoliation and the Orange is mildly antibacterial for healthy skin.

Skin changes with the season and so should good skin care, and it needen’t be expensive. Just changing something as simple as the soap you use can have a dramatic effect and give huge improvements.

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